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ProfessorYongqing Ma was invited and made a speech on Crop Science Society of Japan

Update time:2015-04-08

By the invitation of the president of Crop Science Society of Japan Professor KuniyukiSaitoh of Okayama University and the funded of the Crop Science Society of Japan, Professor Yongqing Ma of Institude of Soil and Water Conservation, went to Japan to participate in the Crop Science Society of the 239th Meeting on March 26 to 28, made a speech entitled “Artificial induction and cultivation of medicinal plants Cistanchedesertcola and Cistanchetubulosain China” at the seminar on the morning of March 28.

Yongqing Ma, as a number Committee of the Chinese Wildlife Protection Association of Cistanche Conservation Committee, began to study the germination of Cistanchedeserticola seeds by artificial induction from 2005. In recent years, it has made a small area success on artificial cultivation of Cistanche at Linzeof Gansu Province, Dingbianof Shaanxi Province, Haixingof Hebei Province.

Japan is one of the important exporter of Cistanchedeserticola from our country, mainly in the form of pieces of raw materials. By adding it with other Chinese medicinal materials, Yomeishu Seizo Company LTD of Japan, made medical spirit for sale.