ISWC has built three international cooperation and exchange platforms of the Ministry of Science and Technology ,including the Sino-US Joint Research Centre on Soil and Water Conservation and Environmental Protection, the Sino-US joint Research Centre for Agricultural Water Use in Aid Areas and the Sino-Korean Joint Research Centre for Biotechnology to Combat Desertification. It has been approved as " technology innovation and talent base for modern water-saving agriculture technology in arid areas”and a disciplinary innovation and wisdom base for ecological civilization construction of soil and water conservation. It is the president of the World Society of Soil and Water Conservation, the co-chairman of the International Desertification Association, and the vice-chairman of Soil and Water Conservation of the Committee of the International Union of Soil Science.

ISWC continues to lead the international research and communications on soil and water conservation, initiates the “global soil erosion research program and undertakes the training for officials and experts from countries along "the Belt and Road" and SCO countries on soil and water conservation as well as dryland agriculture. It has successively signed bilateral cooperation agreements with more than 20 foreign universities and international institutions. A series of cooperative research and academic exchange projects have been caried out with the United States, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions.