General Introduction

The institute has a total of 202 staff members including three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and the International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia (IASEA), respectively. There are 53 research professors and 49 associate professors. The ISWC has appointed 33 guest professors including 9 from overseas institutions. A number of professional staff have been awarded various talented and gifted programs, including three “State/Provincial Outstanding Experts”, one state “1000 Talents Plan” expert, one “10,000 Talents Plan” expert, two awardees of “National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars”, four “New Century Talent Project” awardees, one awardee of “National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars”, 15 grantees of “100 Talents Program” of the CAS, one “Young and Middle-Aged Talent Program for Promoting Innovative Science and Technology” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 10 selected for “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University” of the Ministry of Education, 2 “Xiangjiang Scholar” awardees, one recipient of “100 Talents Program” of Shaanxi Province, two grantees of “Top Talents for Key Research Areas” of Shaanxi Province, and 6 awardees of “Young Stars of Science and Technology” of Shaanxi Province.