Achievements Transformation

In recent years, ISWC has been aiming at the major national needs, accelerating the transformation of science and technology achievements and serving key national engincering projects. It had undertaken a large number of projects such as the water and soil conservation schemes, ecological environment supervision and monitoring, and other projects and provided important scientific and technological support for "West-East Gas Transmission Project" and the reclamation of mining areas.

                        National invention patent                                Certification of Technology transfer demonstration organization

1."Real-time automatic monitor of runoff and sediment" has achieved a breakthrough from "0" to "1" in the achievement transformation on soil and water conservation research.

Three different models of monitors for different monitoring

2. A new technical method of soil and water conservation that through artificial cultivation, combines mosses, lichens, algae and microorganisms and the like with the surface soil closely to form a polymer, biological crust, to maintain the health of the ecosystem.

Artificial cultivated biological crust technology promoted at Shenmu experimental Station

3.The cultivation and development of new ecological industry on the loess Plateau, using the substrate of caragana korshinskii for returning farmland to forest to produce edible fungi.

National training on green production and cultivation technology for edible fungus