Research Divisions

Research Department:

  • the State Key Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Dryland Agriculture on the Loess Plateau
  • Department of Regional Soil and Water Conservation and Environment,
  • National Engineering Research Centre for Water Saving Irrigation at Yangling
  • Engineering Research Center on Soil and Water Conservation Ministry of Water Resources

Field research station:

  • Ansai Research Station of Soil and Water Conservation,
  • Changwu Agro-ecological Experimental Station on the Loess Plateau
  • Guyuan Experiment Station on Ecology(Department of Forestry and Grass Ecology)
  • Shenmu Experimental Station on Erosion and Environment

Ansai station building

Panorama of Changwu Station

Guyuan Yunwushan Grassland Ecological Experiment Station

Shenmu station building

Field Scientific Experimental Station of Soil and Water Conservation at Yangling